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A lot of thought is put into the breeding behind all our kittens for Health & Good Looks!


We do not breed for the sake of breeding but strive to try to breed the prefect British Shorthair. Even if you are only interested in a kitten as a pet you are advised to find a breeder who is also a successful exhibitor. We feel that by showing our cats, our kittens will conform to the breed standard and you can be assured your kitten will be a true British in looks as well as temperament!

Remember Kitten Farmers & Back Street Breeders consider showing an unnecessary expense!

Cat Shows are one of the best places to meet & talk to breeders. Breeders should enjoy answering your questions on their beloved breed but remember any good breeder will question you too.

We also feel by playing an active part in the “Cat Fancy” we are kept up to date with health issues and the current tests that are available to help us to keep all our cats healthy as possible. We very occasionally sell for breeding but only to like minded breeders.

If you are interested in a kitten contact us to find out availability.

Please put a lot of thought into having a cat, remember you will have him/her for 15 years or more, are you ready for this commitment?

We at Fergan British Shorthairs say that an “A inside cat is a safe cat”.


If you are interested in a Fergan kitten, please fill out our kitten enquiry form below and we shall be back in touch with you shortly of any plans.

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