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Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Champion

Fergan Chivas Regal

Chivas Gold.jpg

A typical "Write up" for Chivas


This cat immediately stood out head and shoulders above the rest of the British Blue adults in the ring.  At five years old he may now be reaching the pinnacle of his development exhibiting full maturity.  When many cats currently are being shown as adolescents or young adults it is nice for the public to see what a full grown version looks like.  He shows great solidity and strength and is a big boy who is heavy with sound bone structure and superb British conformation and type.  He has tremendous physique.  Large (certainly) yet not disproportionate in any way showing a complete solid look of compactness and wonderful breadth.  So broad across the beam you could put a saddle on him and with such a terrific rump and well-muscled legs he could run in the two-thirty at Kelso!  He has a commanding head - round like a football - showing all the required elements of British head type.  Broad across the top with neat, rounded and well placed ears, fat cheeks, a short, broad, straight nose with correct break, a good vertical plane to the muzzle and a correct bite.  He has engaging eyes of deep gold and a sound mid blue short coat.  Personality plus show presence are a winning combination.  And he’s got it!  He is in top condition and expertly presented and groomed.  My pleasure to judge.

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